Rug Pads That Fit According To Your Rug Size

rugpads that fitWhen getting a new carpet or a new rug for a room it is important that it is padded with the utmost perfection so the money spent does not go to waste. It is not only important to get a carpet padded, it is even more important to ensure it is padded in accordance with its own shape, size and texture. A lot of people often opt for rug pads on hardwood floors just for the sake of padding. However, they remain ignorant towards the facts that include the rug pads are of the right size, shape and texture. They forget that without considering these aspects, all rug pads will make their exquisite rug look inexpensive and out of place and shape.

How To Choose The Right Size?

In order to get the right rug pads based on the rug size, it is essential you buy the two together instead of getting them separately.

Buy Both Together: Rug Pads And The Rug

This can be done in various, simple methods as mentioned below. Doing this will make it a whole lot easier for you because:

1. You will end up with the most accurate size of the pad.

2. You will not even be required to leave the house more than one time.

rugpadsAs a result of this, you get the right size of the rug pad along with a fancy looking rug. The entire task deprives you of the added trouble that will require a lot of steps. If a single one is not taken care of properly, you might end up wasting your time and your money. When you purchase both the items together, then you get the accurate size of the rug pad and have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Have Not Bought Them Together?

Here Is A Solution

However, if you did not purchase both the items together then you will most definitely have to go get it later. The best way to do this is to either take the rug along. If not then, you can measure its length and width and get it then. Regardless of the trouble you go through, this may also be a very tricky thing to do, because often when you take the measurements yourself at home, they are not accurate enough. You may end up with a pad a size too small or too large.

rugpadImagine a rug pad that either sticks out from the rug at one end or seems like it is not even present at the other? Not only will this make your rug look less appealing visually, it will completely deprive you of the comfort you were looking for, in the first place.

Rug pads for hardwood floors can also be shopped for online as well. This can be done by following the provided steps:

1. Update the measurements on the website.

2. Choose the rug quality you require.

3. Choose the density.

4. Choose the thickness.

5. There are certain places that offer varying colours, you can pick the colour of your choice too.

6. Some have a separate section for carpets; you can make your pick from there.

7. If you have a rather expensive Oriental or Person rug, there is a separate section for that to choose from.

rugpad on hardwoodfloorsThese steps demand of you to trust the manufacturer. Ensure that you have picked your rug quality, type, size and shape very accurately. Sometimes people forget to buy the padding along with the rug. Some are not even comfortable with ordering something online. So, if you have done neither of the two, it is perhaps easiest for you to get a much larger pad and get it fitted to the rug and floor at home. Some experts know how to cut the pad if you have a larger one and need a smaller size. Doing this is almost like you have purchased them together. You can get the correct rug pad size befitting your rugwhile you are at home.

What Is The Importance Of A Right Sized Rug Pad

As a result of the above mentioned features and tips, you will know that it is very important to value the size and fitting of a rug pad. It is these things that complement the rug and help it stand out in a room. A size too small may still make the rug slippery and uneven. And getting a size too large will make it look absolutely unappealing. The right size of a carefully purchased rug pad complements it in its elegance, in the comfort it provides, its prolonged use and most importantly the rug. Above all, a good and carefully bought rug pad is one that will protect your house and your loved ones while fitting your rug, perfectly.

Rug Pads For High Traffic Areas

traffic areasRug pads can be placed on the underside of a carpet as an extra layer of defence so your carpet remains safe against all sorts of external pressures. They also hold carpets firmly in one place to keep them from slipping around and prevent premature wear and tear. In addition, rug pads guarantee floor safety by creating a buffering layer between the carpet and floor. This ensure your floor does not sustain damage from wearing against the carpet, and also keeps any liquids, moisture or dyes from seeping to the floor and destroying its texture. Owing to their many benefits, rug pads are increasingly in demand among homeowners. In your home, there are many places that receive a lot of daily foot traffic. These rooms may include your living room, your bedroom and your kitchen. Such areas are more sensitive than others that are less used. Carpets and floors in such rooms need extra protection and it is recommended that you buy a reliable and durable rug pad that will safeguard your floor and carpeting.

For Floors

for floors
Many homes are increasingly fitted with trendy, high maintenance floors treated with costly factory finishing. Such floors are often very delicate and require a lot of care and attention to maintain their texture and looks. Floors like ceramic, hardwood, solid wood, marble, tile and stone are heavy duty floorings and need extra upkeep. Otherwise they will wear out fast. If you have hardwood or other sensitive floors installed, make sure to protect them with a wool or natural rubber rug pad as they provide the best brand of security and stability for your floor.Wool and rubber are not only fully natural materials, but they are also resilient and strong and able to withstand the pressing weight of rough footsteps. These rug pads can ensure that pressure created from foot traffic does not affect your floor adversely.

For Carpets

carpetsCarpets are very valuable investments for homes that can last a long time provided you give them the right kind of protection they need. Heavy foot traffic can damage the look of your carpet and cause rapid carpet wear and tear. Carpets, while often thick and resilient, are not able to endure long-term pressure from weighty footsteps and need an additional layer to protect them over a long period. Felt and natural rubber are the best types of rug pads to place in heavy traffic rooms as they give your carpet that extra protection it needs. These rug pads are thick and dense and provide the bulk to resist pressure from the heaviest and roughest footsteps. They will keep your carpet from sustaining damage from foot traffic and help it retain its beauty and prolong its lifespan. This makes felt and natural rubber padding ideal for lining commonly used rooms and spaces in your home. Felt is ideal for locking large area rugs and carpets in place, whereas natural rubber provides an excellent grip for smaller carpets.

For Added Safety

for safetyThere is a higher risk of sustaining injuries in rooms that are most frequented by families. The biggest cause for accidents is uneven or rolled up carpets, which pose the risk of tripping. To prevent harm to your family and yourself, line such rooms with high quality wool rug pads that will grip your carpet and keep it smooth, flat and wrinkle-free. An evenly positioned carpet is less likely to cause tripping accidents, thereby underscoring the need to buy rug pads. Wool is a completely natural, biodegradable and non-polluting material that makes an ideal “green” addition for a healthier home environment. It is also mould- and mildew-resistant and hypoallergenic in nature, making it safe for homes with young children or elderly persons. Wool rug pads are very durable and tough, and homeowners do not need to worry about cleaning or repairing them on a daily basis. Using wool rug pads ensures the wellbeing of your family and makes for safe and protected rooms where you can be at ease.

For Enhanced Comfort

enhanced comfortMore and more homeowners are installing wood and other hard floors that, being firm and solid, often make for a rather uncomfortable and possibly painful surface to walk on. This can be a particular hassle in rooms you use on a daily basis. To avoid this, use felt, natural rubber and wool rug pads in such rooms. These are the best materials to use in high traffic areas, as they are dense and bulky enough to create a very soft and comfortable floor surface for you to walk or sit on.

Today, many homeowners are switching to buy rug pads with every carpet purchase. Many home experts strongly suggest buying rug pads for high traffic areas in your home, as they boost the protection of carpets and also ensure the safety of your home and family.

Things To Look Out For When Purchasing Rug Pads

purchasing rugpadsWhen getting rug pads there are certain things that have to always be kept in mind. Rug pads are such a helpful addition in the house that they upgrade the living area and comfort of your home. Because of this they might require a lot of investment. This is why the right decision has to be made. A well informed decision is what will make your purchase an investment. Once you have chosen a rug pad, the following provided three features are to be kept in mind and looked out for:

How Do You intend On Placing The Rug Pad?

placing rugpadsOftentimes people purchase rug pads without considering where they plan on placing it: in or outside the house. This can be a little problematic. If you have chosen a padding that suits your aesthetics, you should then think of the most desirable position for it. Not only that, it should also be beneficial for you in terms of providing protection and comfort in the area that needs it most. If you have a small courtyard then a large rug pad might do well for you. But a small yard will require a smaller padding. Therefore, this is to show you the importance of the position of a rug pad in your house. If one buys a small rug mat it is either kept at the corner of a pool or at the entrance of a yard. Depending on where you want to place it, the quality of it will also alter to the specifications.

A rug pad you purchase for your Persian rug will not be suitable for your welcome mat. The shape and size of rug pads should also compliment the area it is going to be placed in. A large circular rug would work very beautifully under your coffee table to complete the room. Similarly, a rectangular and thinner rug would work aside the slippery area of the swimming pool. Choosing the most suitable position of the rug beforehand is what will add to the overall pleasing appearance of the house. It will also assist in providing the desired level of comfort.

Are The Rug Pads You Are Purchasing Sound Proof?

rugpadsThese rug pads are installed to increase the comfort of the house and to add to its safety. What people do not know is that a carefully picked rug pad will help in several other things. For certain people an uneven floor with dents and depressions or a squeaky hardwood corner of the room is a massive problem. A rug pad should be such that it fixes all troublesome flaws of your hardwood floor. If there is a part of the hardwood floor in your house that seems to be creaking each time someone steps on it, the purpose of the rug pad is to avoid such sounds. Rug pads have an intricate internal weave work which provides them with a dense quality. This density is what suppresses the noise each time it is exposed to pressure and weight.

These rug pads are unlike others; they are not thick in inches. But they work very effectively when it comes to diminishing a sound. Rug pads are often installed in the backyard or by the pool to shield sounds from reaching inside the house. This will help in adding privacy to the area. Not only that, a rug padded with the ability to muffle sounds will help in hiding the flaws of your hardwood floors without requiring you to invest a great deal in it. Would you not want to welcome your guests in a home that has been maintained all these years? Obviously the answer is yes. When choosing a rug pad for either of the two purposes one should ensure that the functions will be met.

Is It A Rug Pad That Fits Your Budget, Is It Reasonable?

Lastly and most importantly, you should know to what extent you can spend when purchasing these rug pads. As mentioned above, it is clear that these have to be chosen carefully and after thorough consideration.

rugpadsIt is important that you go through several kinds and qualities of rug pads and choose the one that best fits your aesthetic requirements. Above all, it should serve the function you wish it to. Before you spend a lot or sometimes even too little on the rug pad, you should know how well it will be used. Sometimes, it is best to make a biggest initial investment; this will only save you from constant expenditure later. A cheaply bought rug pad will require constant care; this might be a lot more expensive than the former option. Therefore, when buying yourself a rug pad, ensure that you remain conscious of all the things mentioned above.