How To Clean Rug Pads

rugpadsRug pads increase the overall luxury of a person’s living by adding comfort and warmth to their homes. They provide an insulating layer during the winters, cushion blows in case of a fall and resist pressure maintaining the newness of a hardwood floor. If you want to continue utilizing these benefits provided by rug pads, you should be mindful of its cleaning and washing as well. Rug pads often do not require thorough washing for the initial years. Even when they do require washing it is not in the traditional sense. This means they are not to be hosed with water at a high pressure. They are solid and airy enough to be cleaned thoroughly through simple steps.

Therefore, when it comes to the maintenance and cleaning of rug pads, it is not in the conventional sense. It is divided into two categories; dry cleaning and wet cleaning. The mode of cleaning you choose depends on the kind of particles you want to rid your rug pads of. Regardless, neither should be ignored in light of the other. Dry and wet damage to the rug pad should be immediately taken care of. The instant response to settled dust or a liquid spill minimizes larger consequences in the future. It also increases the life span of your rug pads, carpets and hardwood floors.

Dry Cleaning

dry cleaningIf your rug pads have gone dusty overtime then they may require thorough vacuuming. If ignored, the dust might settle on the floor resulting in its decolourization. The thorough way to do this is to remove the rug pad from the carpet and take them both outside. Place them upside down and begin vacuuming them. Once you have vacuumed them long enough, flip them and repeat the process. Once you have done the above mentioned steps, vacuum the hardwood floor properly. Once completed, reposition your rug pad and carpet in the house and vacuum it again. This will ensure that no dust particle is present on the floor, on the rug pad or on the carpet. If you do not clean the floor before placing the rug pad on it again, it may leave scratches or similar damage to it. Cleaning everything thoroughly guarantees the maintenance of the carpet and the floor for a longer time.

Wet Cleaning

wet cleaningIn cases of a liquid spill it is quite simple to clean the rug pads. Felt rug pads are made of such a material that it hinders the water penetration to the floor. They keep the water on the surface allowing it to be cleaned with a sponge or dry towel, immediately. The dry towel or sponge immediately sucks the water leaving behind a dry rug pad and an unaffected hardwood floor. If you are not content with dry cleaning the rug pad and floor, you can dismantle the arrangement and clean the area with a wet towel. This might help in sustaining the shine and newness of the floor and remove all dust particles from within the layers.

If you feel like your rug pad has gotten too coarse and no longer provides the comfort it used to, do not wash it. Washing the rug pad might make it too flimsy and useless for your floor. It is best to consider replacing the rug pad instead of washing it and reusing it. The above mentioned precautions and steps will continue to provide you with the warmth and comfort for a long period of time. It will maintain the ostentatious appeal of your silk rugs and shiny hardwood floors over an extended time.

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