Heavy Duty Rug Pads

Heavy duty rugs pads are designed to take on as much weight as possible. They do not break under the pressure of heavy traffic or anything else and last longer than ordinary pads. Since they are made from thick polyester padding and have a more solid style, heavy duty rug pads are the optimum choice for any household.

rugpadsThese rug pads are all durable, thick and non slip. They have extra grip, firmer fibres and do not break under pressure. They are waterproof, resistant to mould and mildew and have high endurance to all sorts of atmospheres. They can withstand indoor and outdoor environments without damaging and take on the weight of people and furniture. The heavy duty rug pad is designed to take on all sorts of environments and surroundings. Made from thicker fibres than the others, it has a unique blend of felt, rubber and polyester. No chemical sprays or adhesives are added to make it superior, but it does surpass the quality of regular, lighter pads with its sturdiness.

How does a Heavy Duty Rug Pad Differ?

The difference in a heavy duty rug pad and a normal one are minute. All rug pads are virtually the same, the heavy duty rug pad is made, specifically, to take on a heavy amount of traffic. It does not break under the pressure and it does not tear. No amount of weight added to it will let the pad break or become dented. Of course, deliberately damaging it will definitely leave a mark or two.The main difference between a heavy duty rug and an ordinary one is that the heavy duty pad will be stronger, firmer and hold the area rug in place. Some of the strengths of a heavy duty rug pad are as following.

ultra hold rugpadsUltra Hold –

Without glues or adhesives, the heavy duty rug pad will hold on to the rug and flooring. It will not slide on the floor because the fibres act like the underside of a shoe. With heat pressed grooves built into the pad, it creates a sort of vacuum between the floor and itself whenever stepped on. This helps the pad stick to the floor and not let the rug slide off.

Protection –

The thickness of the rug pad also acts like a protecting element. It takes the force applied to it without letting the rug touch the floor or get squashed between the applying force and floor. The fibres of the rug remain unbroken and the rug does not dent or give in to the harsh pressure. The pad acts like a cushion, keeping the rug safe from harm.

Noise Reduction

– Since the heavy duty rug pad is slightly thicker than the normal pad, it will have insulation and reduce the amount of noise created when it is stepped on. The clicking of heels or shoes or the drag of trolleys become almost inaudible when a rug pad is placed underneath the carpet.

Prolongs the Life of the Rug

–heavy duty padsSince the padding of a heavy duty rug pad is slightly different, it protects the rugs placed on it more. The strength it has for holding the rug down on it turns into a soft cushioning when it has extra weight put on it. A rug pad with extra grip, extra protection and durability will keep the rug in place and keep it from bunching up and wrinkling up. This keeps the rug safe and damage free and keeps the home safe from all tripping hazards. Buying a heavy duty rug pad will not only keep it lasting longer, it will make sure the home is healthy environment for everyone.

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