Different Types Of Rug Pads

rugpadsRug pads are primarily used to provide enhanced comfort for your carpets and rugs. In addition they also provide an extra layer extra protection for floors. Rug pads come in various forms and types, and homeowners are advised to buy the right kind of rug pad, which is crucial to maintain the stability of the floor. There are many brands of rug pads available in the market and should be considered according to one’s specific home requirements. Rug pads are most frequently treated with plastic additives.Other types of rug pads are made with rubber. The plastic variations include polymers, PVC and synthetic rug pads, while the rubber varieties include natural and artificial rubber. Homeowners are recommended to buy natural rug pads as some of the synthetic varieties may damage the floor or the carpet.

rugpadsFibre Rug Pads

Fibre rug pads are increasingly becoming popular with homeowners, since they have a longer lifespan than rubber pads and are completely free of any odour. Since they are denser than other types of rug pads, they provide a stronger brand of protection for your home. However, being comparatively larger in size, they are only recommended for use with large rugs and carpets.

rubberrugpadsNatural Rubber Rug Pads

The natural rubber rug, unlike the plastic rug pad, is far more biodegradable and eco-friendly, thereby increasing its appeal for use in homes. It can be used with almost every kind of floor, which is one of the reasons for its growing popularity. Natural rubber has a longer lifespan and is safe to use on almost every floor surface and factory finishing.

pvcrugpadsPVC Rug Pads

The plastic or poly-vinyl chloride (PVC) rug pads still have a lot of appeal, particularly for use on hardwood or floors that are not yet fully developed. There are many varieties of PVC available in the market that vary in cost and quality. Cheaper plastic rug pads are generally of low quality and likely to cause inconvenience than provide any real protection. Poly-vinyl chloride rug pads are more likely to work on high end floors than other floors or finishings. A troublesome issue with plastic rug pads is that since they are made from factory chemicals, these chemicals can seep to the floor and cause it to mar or discolour. This anomaly can be easily resolved by using natural rubber rug pads which do not pose a risk for any floor type.

High Quality Rug Pads

Quality is one issue that needs to be addressed before you decide to buy rug pads for your carpets. Low quality rug pads tend to cause a lot of damage, thereby killing the basic idea of providing comfort and support. Low quality plastics, for instance, tend to interact with chemicals, retain moisture and thus cause discolouration of the floor. High quality plastics have some unique characteristics and can perform optimal functions on certain surfaces like superior, high-end floors. Rubber pads too, come in various forms and qualities. High quality rubber pads, like the premium rug pad, strongly grip the floor providing better comfort, security and protection. Low quality rubber, like plastics,pose problems such as not providing a mom-slip grip. Carpets keeps rolling around the floor and get damaged easily as a result.

Rug Pads For Different Floors

different floorsIn addition to quality, the type of floor surface also plays a significant role when you are selecting a rug pad. High end floors are better suited to PVC plastics, whereas for uniform normal floors, rubbers rug pads will be more adequate not only because they are more environmentally friendly, but also because they do not contain any damaging adhesives or chemicals, and thus do not pose possible danger to floors like certain plastics rug pads do. Natural rubber rug pads can be conveniently used in any environment, including in hot and humid conditions. They perform at their optimum capacity under all weather conditions and do not give off odor even when damp.

Hence rubber pads serve a useful purpose in homes by not only protecting the floors, but also providing additional support and stability. They provide enhanced assistance and comfort, but the level of quality and price must be considered before making a final decision, as previously mentioned.

There are many kinds of rug pads available that all provide different sets of benefits for different types of carpets and flooring. So when you are in the market looking for a rug pad, be sure to select one that will be compatible with your individual carpet and floor type. Being multipurpose and adaptable, rug pads are becoming more and more popular with homeowners, who see them as essential accessories for homes. Many home experts recommend buying rug pads for your home as they will ensure a prolonged lifespan and added protection, security and comfort for your floor and carpet. It is best to buy a high quality rug pad that will serve your needs for a longer time, instead of cheaper rug pads that may deteriorate and wear out quickly.

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