Custom Made Rug Pads

custom padsCustom made rug pads are the correct solution for all consumers, that buy this product. It has to be slightly smaller than the rug itself because it should not poke out from the edges and big enough to keep it from slipping. Rug pads elongate the life of your carpets as well as save them from damage, so why not buy one that fits your needs?

Durahold rug pads are custom made to your specific designs. The length and width, the thickness is all made to your instruction with a few easy steps. All you have to do is give the specifics and the rest will be done for you.Cut and fashioned to the specifications that you need, when you have been given your rug pad, it should be placed in the centre of your rug, not peeking out from the edges.Making the rug pad smaller than the rug is vital because it will keep a firm hold on the rug and the floor. It will not slip and it will not prove to be a nuisance.

What You Have to Do:

Find out the rug pad size you want – This is easily done since you are offered a wide range of rug pads that vary in thickness and size. Measure your Rug – To make your rug pad, the length and width of the rug itself will be needed. With a tape, measure it and exclude any binding or tassels that are part of the carpet. Give the specifics of your chosen rug – Once measured; give the measurements in either inches or feet, whichever is easier for you. Remember to write about any tassels or fringes the carpet might have. Order – Order your custom made rug pad and consider your job done.

Why Your Worries Are Over:

custom rugpadsOnce you have given the order, the company makes sure you get exactly what you need. Custom made rug pads are usually cut up half an inch or one inch smaller than the rug to keep it from slipping off the pad. But with different options given to you, you can also control the length cut off before shipping it to you. The thickness will also depend upon your specifications. What type of rug pad you want and how durable it will be against heavy furniture is all. It will be tailored to your needs and design. The manufacturers will cut it up and have it sent out the moment it is finished.

To have a custom made rug pad is an easy solution provided to you. Not only will the material and product be built for your needs, it will also be of a quality that you trust. No matter what happens the waterproof, mildew resistant and moth free rug pad will last for a very long time. It will keep your carpets from slipping and your floors protected. To have the perfect rug pad, you need to have the perfect company offering to make that.

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