Best Rug Pads for Hardwood Floors

hardwood floorThe best rug pads for hardwood floors are the ones with supreme grip and a softness that does not damage the floors once it has been set on. Buying a rug and placing it on the floor without protection will cause the rug to leave marks on the floor because of friction. Constantly moving on the floor, turning around and being put back again, makes the rough fibres of the underside of a rug scratch the surface of the floor. This not only damages the polish, it also leaves a mark that is impossible to take out from under the rug. The floor will be damaged and the fine fibres on the rug will also suffer and break from the constant moving about.

For hardwood floors, since they are expensive and delicate to have, the best rug pads have to be used. These will keep the floors from discolouring provide insulation and protection to both the rug and the floor surface.

Types of Rug pads for hardwood floors:

rugpad on hardwood floorThe rug pad made for hardwood flooring is different than those used for others. The ones for concrete flooring, for example are harder and coarser and if placed on the hardwood floor, they will end up damaging the floor. To know what kind and material is best for a hardwood floor, it is important to know the materials themselves.

Rubber Rug pad – a long lasting, rubber rug pad is made from 100% rubber and is safe for all sorts of finishes for the hardwood floor. It will not tear and can take a lot of weight and bounce back. Thus, it does not lose its shape and is easy to cut and trim into any shape the buyer would like. Compatible with hardwood floors, laminate floors and marble flooring, this rug pad can last up to twenty odd years if cleaned and cared for properly.

felt and rubberFelt and Rubber mix pad – this low profile design is perfect for Oriental rugs and hardwood floors. It gives the relatively thinner rugs a slightly plush cushion to sit on. The rubber backed support will provide a good grip on the hardwood floor without causing a slipping hazard. It anchors the rug into place and doesn’t rub on the floor, which keeps it safe from wearing and losing its polish. The felt surface prevents slipping and the rubber back gives optimum grip and support to the rug.

Eco – Safe Rug pad – ideal for humid climates and hardwood flooring, the Eco– Safe rug pads provides the user with a stubborn grip on slimmer, lighter rugs that refuse to stay in one place. Made from soybean oil rather than petroleum oils, this Durahold rug pad has the best hold on rugs. It keeps the rugs completely on place, not letting anything skid them aside or push them on the floors so they are prone to damage.

foam rugpadLasting for over twenty years, these rug pads need little cleaning or care because they are so durable and safe. Foam rug pads – thicker than regular rug pads, these are perfect for cushioning the floor from the rug and keep the rug from giving under the pressure of a footstep or furniture. It also provides a soundproof atmosphere where heels and boots click on the hardwood floor. Hardwood floors are beautiful but require high maintenance. They have a polished surface and a higher risk of damage when the rug scratches the surface. It will discolour faster or take the stains of a rug if the colour seeps to it. Keeping a rug pad keeps the floor shiny and beautiful, keeps it free from damage and provides over all comfort to the room


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