Benefits of Using a Rug Pad

benefits of rugpadUsing a rug pad provides insulation, noise reduction, safety, protection and comfort to the rug it is used beneath. Buying the right rug pad will guarantee that the rug lasts longer, gets the safety it needs and adds comfort to the home. What common misconception remaining about rug pads is that no one really needs one. People think of it as an unnecessary luxury item that they are fine without. To most people it is a waste of money. But that is wrong; the truth is that a rug pad is an important part of rug care. It is a protective cushioning that allows the rug to last longer and have a better care provided to it. Without a rug pad the biggest danger is that the rug will slip on the floor and seriously hurt someone when they fall. It can curl around the edges, becomes a tripping hazard and is often undesirable to sit on.

The right rug is what people are always after, the right rug pad, however, means more because without it, the perfect rug will deteriorate.

The Benefits of having a Rug Pad


rug protection–Buying a rug pad is a buying protection for your floor. An area rug experiences a lot. It takes n a lot of stress and pressure, not letting the rug rub between the floor and the hard pressure applied on it. It cushions the rug, gives it a soft place to rest on and lets the fibres of the rug spring back to their original position once stepped on.

Elongate Rug’s Life

–Using a rug pad can keep the rug safe for years. It can add a long time to the previously small lifespan of the rug because it keeps it so safe. Whenever a rug is walked on it crushes the fibres on the face of the rug, causing it to dent and wrinkle. The rug pad reacts to the pressure by gently pushing the rug back up and letting the fibres go back into position easily. It causes no discomfort to the rug and keeps it from being pressed down between the floor and pressure point.

safer floorSafer Floor

–Smaller and lighter rugs often have a tendency to slip and skid on floor, especially marble flooring. A non slip rug will prevent slipping on the floor and keep the rug in place when walked on. Keeping the pad underneath will also made it a softer place to step on or sit on since the pad will stay like a pillow between the floor and rug itself.


–Durahold rug pads are made thicker and softer than other which means that they not only give comfort but also insulation to the rug. They have thermal qualities that help keep the rug insulated and warm, therefore comfortable to sit on.


–When a Durahold rug pad is made, it provides the user with an airflow that makes it easier to clean. The vacuum will take up more dust and dirt from the floor because of the rug pad, keeping the rug cleaner than before. Of course, this causes the rug to last longer at the end of the day.

rugpadsThe benefits of buying a rug pad are ample; all one need to do is see what happens when a rug is placed on a cold floor with no insulation or protection. The rug will get destroyed, it will fade away and often break due to being wrinkled and bunched up in the corner after slipping. Buying the perfect rug pad for the perfect rug means more care for the rug and a long lasting floor piece for the home of every buyer.


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