Rug Pads For Area Rugs

area rugsArea rugs are used to add class and anaesthetic appeal to a house. They are often used by individuals who have hardwood floors and want to add a little more to it. As the name suggests, area rugs are not to line an entire room; they simply cover a certain area. Oftentimes, when area rugs are placed without padding, on hardwood floors, people slip. This can be caused either by the texture of the rug itself or because of the slippery surface of the hardwood floor.For this very reason, it is important that people use rug pads for area rugs.

Rug Pads For Area Rugs Should Not Be Too Thick

When it comes to installing rug pads on hardwood floors, the choice has to be made carefully. More so, since it is an area rug, regular padding might not be the best decision. If you are lining an entire room with a rug pad it is okay to go with one that is thicker. Because the thickness is evenly laid out in the entire room, there is less to no chance of physical damage in case of a fall. The thick rug pads balances out the depressions and elevations on the floor. However, if you go with the same thickness in a rug pad for an area rug, this might not be a smart choice. This thickness will automatically elevate the area rug from the rest of the floor and make it prone to tripping.

dense rugpadsDense Rug Pads

There is a marked difference between rug pads that are thicker in inches and denser in ounces. A dense rug pad is a better choice for area rugs. It provides the same comfort without affecting the uniformity of the room’s floor. Such rug pads are often made of rubber. They have the same capacity to dissipate force, but are physically a lot thinner. Their density is what makes them pressure resistant without causing prominent height differences between the rug and the hardwood floor. It provides the same level of comfort irrespective of its thickness. Because of this reason, these area rugs can also be used to hold coffee tables and other furniture. They resist pressure while increasing the room’s general aesthetics.

Rugs And Rug Pads; Buy Them Together

It is far more difficult to attain the desired grip in area rugs that it is in carpeted rooms. The reason for this is their small size. If the rug pad is larger or smaller than the rug, not only will it impact the beauty of your rug and room, it will also end up not providing the preferred protection. It will make the rug look dishevelled,with the rug pad sticking out the edges and making it appear out of place.

area rugs with rugpadsWhen people are looking to line an entire room, they can measure the dimensions to get the padding for the area. However, when buying rug pads for area rugs this may not be the best strategy. When you buy a rug, it is suggested that the rug pad be bought alongside. This ensures that the size of both the items will be the same. The exact measurements provide the assurance that both the rug and the pad will fit together and serve the purpose they should. Once you have decided on all of the above features, choose the perfect arrangement and type of rug pads. Rug pads should be advantageous not only to the rugs but also to the floor and your feet.They should help in sustaining the uniformity of a room, holding everything together in a classy and elegant way.


What Rug Pads to Avoid

rugpads to avoidRug pads are unique because of the comfort they provide to homes. With their intended use, they are perfect to keep in the home, make the rug a soft place to sit on or even step on bare foot. It gives the carpet extra padding and protects it from sliding on the floor or bunching up, prolonging the life of your carpet. Some pads are perfect for comfort, giving anyone who sits on the rug comfort or even a soft place to lie down and relax. It doesn’t let the hard, cold floor underneath bother the person using the rug. Others are made for a good grip. They make sure the rug stay in place, not letting it get bunched up or pushed in a corner or let it curl so that people trip over it and hurt themselves. Rug pads are an ideal home accessory that is made for every home.

Many area rugs are small. They rest on the floor, and without a rug pad, tend to slip and slide across the floor. This not only creates a slipping hazard, it ruins the face of the carpet. Cracks and lines appear on the carpet and it curls up if placed under stress. A rug not being held in place can often slip from under people’s feet and cause serious accidents. It is better to have a rug pad in the home rather than live without it. Choosing the exact type of rug pad that suits the needs of the consumer, might not be a priority when what is needed is right there. The range of rug pads is immense so chances are that the buyer will get exactly what they are after.

Rug pads are a varied piece of home accessory and their uses are commonly known. The right rug pad can mean prolonging the life of the rug and keeping it for a long time, safe and sound. Buying the wrong pad can cause the exact opposite.

What to avoid when buying a rug pad?

rugpadAlthough all rug pads are made with 100% organic materials and have no side effects, there are others that cannot boast the same. To save prices, some companies sell rug pads that harm the floor and rug touching it. Durahold rug pads are free from adhesives. They are compatible with the carpet and the floor. There are some that are harmful to the floor. Made to cut corners financially, rug pads are sometimes made from cheap scraps of foam bound together with chemicals and sprayed with dangerous elements to make them last. These elements are toxic to the home and are extremely unhealthy. They are not only a health hazard, they also leave yellow stains on the bottom of the rug and the floor. The stains that are left on the rug and carpet, even the floor are acidic and ruin everything it touches. To replace the carpet will cost more than it would than buying a costlier rug pad.

This material is very appealing because of its reduced price and longevity but it releases dangerous substances into the air and dust. Since children are closest to the floor in their play and work, they are the ones that get harmed most. To keep the price low, people don’t buy the healthier rug pads. To them it is a cheap way to get the same result for an item that seems unimportant. But once the damage is done, there is nothing a person can do other than pay a large amount to save the carpet and floor. Thus, it is better to buy a slightly more expensive rug pad to keep the home and family safe from harm.