Heavy Duty Rug Pads

Heavy duty rugs pads are designed to take on as much weight as possible. They do not break under the pressure of heavy traffic or anything else and last longer than ordinary pads. Since they are made from thick polyester padding and have a more solid style, heavy duty rug pads are the optimum choice for any household.

rugpadsThese rug pads are all durable, thick and non slip. They have extra grip, firmer fibres and do not break under pressure. They are waterproof, resistant to mould and mildew and have high endurance to all sorts of atmospheres. They can withstand indoor and outdoor environments without damaging and take on the weight of people and furniture. The heavy duty rug pad is designed to take on all sorts of environments and surroundings. Made from thicker fibres than the others, it has a unique blend of felt, rubber and polyester. No chemical sprays or adhesives are added to make it superior, but it does surpass the quality of regular, lighter pads with its sturdiness.

How does a Heavy Duty Rug Pad Differ?

The difference in a heavy duty rug pad and a normal one are minute. All rug pads are virtually the same, the heavy duty rug pad is made, specifically, to take on a heavy amount of traffic. It does not break under the pressure and it does not tear. No amount of weight added to it will let the pad break or become dented. Of course, deliberately damaging it will definitely leave a mark or two.The main difference between a heavy duty rug and an ordinary one is that the heavy duty pad will be stronger, firmer and hold the area rug in place. Some of the strengths of a heavy duty rug pad are as following.

ultra hold rugpadsUltra Hold –

Without glues or adhesives, the heavy duty rug pad will hold on to the rug and flooring. It will not slide on the floor because the fibres act like the underside of a shoe. With heat pressed grooves built into the pad, it creates a sort of vacuum between the floor and itself whenever stepped on. This helps the pad stick to the floor and not let the rug slide off.

Protection –

The thickness of the rug pad also acts like a protecting element. It takes the force applied to it without letting the rug touch the floor or get squashed between the applying force and floor. The fibres of the rug remain unbroken and the rug does not dent or give in to the harsh pressure. The pad acts like a cushion, keeping the rug safe from harm.

Noise Reduction

– Since the heavy duty rug pad is slightly thicker than the normal pad, it will have insulation and reduce the amount of noise created when it is stepped on. The clicking of heels or shoes or the drag of trolleys become almost inaudible when a rug pad is placed underneath the carpet.

Prolongs the Life of the Rug

–heavy duty padsSince the padding of a heavy duty rug pad is slightly different, it protects the rugs placed on it more. The strength it has for holding the rug down on it turns into a soft cushioning when it has extra weight put on it. A rug pad with extra grip, extra protection and durability will keep the rug in place and keep it from bunching up and wrinkling up. This keeps the rug safe and damage free and keeps the home safe from all tripping hazards. Buying a heavy duty rug pad will not only keep it lasting longer, it will make sure the home is healthy environment for everyone.

Rug Pads For Area Rugs

area rugsArea rugs are used to add class and anaesthetic appeal to a house. They are often used by individuals who have hardwood floors and want to add a little more to it. As the name suggests, area rugs are not to line an entire room; they simply cover a certain area. Oftentimes, when area rugs are placed without padding, on hardwood floors, people slip. This can be caused either by the texture of the rug itself or because of the slippery surface of the hardwood floor.For this very reason, it is important that people use rug pads for area rugs.

Rug Pads For Area Rugs Should Not Be Too Thick

When it comes to installing rug pads on hardwood floors, the choice has to be made carefully. More so, since it is an area rug, regular padding might not be the best decision. If you are lining an entire room with a rug pad it is okay to go with one that is thicker. Because the thickness is evenly laid out in the entire room, there is less to no chance of physical damage in case of a fall. The thick rug pads balances out the depressions and elevations on the floor. However, if you go with the same thickness in a rug pad for an area rug, this might not be a smart choice. This thickness will automatically elevate the area rug from the rest of the floor and make it prone to tripping.

dense rugpadsDense Rug Pads

There is a marked difference between rug pads that are thicker in inches and denser in ounces. A dense rug pad is a better choice for area rugs. It provides the same comfort without affecting the uniformity of the room’s floor. Such rug pads are often made of rubber. They have the same capacity to dissipate force, but are physically a lot thinner. Their density is what makes them pressure resistant without causing prominent height differences between the rug and the hardwood floor. It provides the same level of comfort irrespective of its thickness. Because of this reason, these area rugs can also be used to hold coffee tables and other furniture. They resist pressure while increasing the room’s general aesthetics.

Rugs And Rug Pads; Buy Them Together

It is far more difficult to attain the desired grip in area rugs that it is in carpeted rooms. The reason for this is their small size. If the rug pad is larger or smaller than the rug, not only will it impact the beauty of your rug and room, it will also end up not providing the preferred protection. It will make the rug look dishevelled,with the rug pad sticking out the edges and making it appear out of place.

area rugs with rugpadsWhen people are looking to line an entire room, they can measure the dimensions to get the padding for the area. However, when buying rug pads for area rugs this may not be the best strategy. When you buy a rug, it is suggested that the rug pad be bought alongside. This ensures that the size of both the items will be the same. The exact measurements provide the assurance that both the rug and the pad will fit together and serve the purpose they should. Once you have decided on all of the above features, choose the perfect arrangement and type of rug pads. Rug pads should be advantageous not only to the rugs but also to the floor and your feet.They should help in sustaining the uniformity of a room, holding everything together in a classy and elegant way.


What Rug Pads to Avoid

rugpads to avoidRug pads are unique because of the comfort they provide to homes. With their intended use, they are perfect to keep in the home, make the rug a soft place to sit on or even step on bare foot. It gives the carpet extra padding and protects it from sliding on the floor or bunching up, prolonging the life of your carpet. Some pads are perfect for comfort, giving anyone who sits on the rug comfort or even a soft place to lie down and relax. It doesn’t let the hard, cold floor underneath bother the person using the rug. Others are made for a good grip. They make sure the rug stay in place, not letting it get bunched up or pushed in a corner or let it curl so that people trip over it and hurt themselves. Rug pads are an ideal home accessory that is made for every home.

Many area rugs are small. They rest on the floor, and without a rug pad, tend to slip and slide across the floor. This not only creates a slipping hazard, it ruins the face of the carpet. Cracks and lines appear on the carpet and it curls up if placed under stress. A rug not being held in place can often slip from under people’s feet and cause serious accidents. It is better to have a rug pad in the home rather than live without it. Choosing the exact type of rug pad that suits the needs of the consumer, might not be a priority when what is needed is right there. The range of rug pads is immense so chances are that the buyer will get exactly what they are after.

Rug pads are a varied piece of home accessory and their uses are commonly known. The right rug pad can mean prolonging the life of the rug and keeping it for a long time, safe and sound. Buying the wrong pad can cause the exact opposite.

What to avoid when buying a rug pad?

rugpadAlthough all rug pads are made with 100% organic materials and have no side effects, there are others that cannot boast the same. To save prices, some companies sell rug pads that harm the floor and rug touching it. Durahold rug pads are free from adhesives. They are compatible with the carpet and the floor. There are some that are harmful to the floor. Made to cut corners financially, rug pads are sometimes made from cheap scraps of foam bound together with chemicals and sprayed with dangerous elements to make them last. These elements are toxic to the home and are extremely unhealthy. They are not only a health hazard, they also leave yellow stains on the bottom of the rug and the floor. The stains that are left on the rug and carpet, even the floor are acidic and ruin everything it touches. To replace the carpet will cost more than it would than buying a costlier rug pad.

This material is very appealing because of its reduced price and longevity but it releases dangerous substances into the air and dust. Since children are closest to the floor in their play and work, they are the ones that get harmed most. To keep the price low, people don’t buy the healthier rug pads. To them it is a cheap way to get the same result for an item that seems unimportant. But once the damage is done, there is nothing a person can do other than pay a large amount to save the carpet and floor. Thus, it is better to buy a slightly more expensive rug pad to keep the home and family safe from harm.

How To Store A Rug Pad

cleaning a padCleaning a rug pad is easy. What a person really has to do is wash it with a mild soap or detergent, rinse it out and put it in the sun. The durable rug pad will not break from the sunlight or dry up since it resistant to almost all forms of atmosphere. Since it is water resistant, washing it will not damage it. A rug pad is the easiest thing to care for. Storing a rug pad, however, is a slightly more challenging issue. Sometimes, homeowners get rid of, or simply move the rug or carpet the pad is holding and protecting. The floor or rug is not damaged, so the rug pad is often stored away, ready to use another day. Since it is a durable, strong pad, people assume it cannot be damaged. A rug pad is durable, not invincible. It does tend to get damaged, especially if not stored correctly. The proper way to store a rug pad can mean the difference between an intact rug pad and one broken from bad storage.

Proper Way to Store a Rug Pad:

One of the most important pieces of information to keep in mind when storing a rug pad, is to keep it clean; wash the rug pad before storing it. Have it completely dried before putting it in a storage room. Keeping an unwashed rug pad for storage is a big mistake on the part of the user. Not keeping it washed will ultimately cause the rug pad to have nasty insects biting holes into it, looking for food and scraps still stuck inside. Proper place – Putting the rug pad in a protected environment which is not too dry and not too damp will keep the rug pad safe. The basement, if well ventilated and kept clear of damp spaces, will be ideal for a rug pad, since it will stay in there for a long time.

Wrap it up

wrap it up–Keeping rug pad safe from the environment and air is just as important as storing it. After cleaning the rug pad it is imperative to wrap it up in a water resistant paper. Generally a high-density polyethylene fibre made paper will be enough. It keeps the rug pad from getting wet in case the atmosphere around gets damn or the storage room gets flooded. It allows air to pass through and nothing else, so keeping the rug pad wrapped in it is a good idea.

Do not roll it

–A rug pad can keep a rug from losing shape, but the pad itself will lose shape if rolled. Rolling it up will leave creases into the face of the rug pad and wrinkle it up. When it is opened after a long time, not only will it be curved, but cracks will appear on the surface of the pad. This will interfere with its functionality. Keep it away from water – A rug pad may be water resistant and water proof, but it is still not completely secure from damage. Keeping it in a material that will let the pad keep water away is crucial. There is little chance of the water eating away at it, but the rug pad might soak up the water and end up stinking. The stagnant water inside the pad will eventually start to smell and cause damage if left for a long period of time. So keeping it away from water is essential.

do not roll itClean – every once in a while, if stored for a longer period of time, open the rug pad up, a thorough cleaning, drying it and putting it back is important. This adds to the overall care and comfort of the pad. It keeps it lasting longer. Rug pads are very easy to take care of. They are easy to store, so all one needs is the proper instructions to have the pad taken care of and they will last longer.

Benefits of Using a Rug Pad

benefits of rugpadUsing a rug pad provides insulation, noise reduction, safety, protection and comfort to the rug it is used beneath. Buying the right rug pad will guarantee that the rug lasts longer, gets the safety it needs and adds comfort to the home. What common misconception remaining about rug pads is that no one really needs one. People think of it as an unnecessary luxury item that they are fine without. To most people it is a waste of money. But that is wrong; the truth is that a rug pad is an important part of rug care. It is a protective cushioning that allows the rug to last longer and have a better care provided to it. Without a rug pad the biggest danger is that the rug will slip on the floor and seriously hurt someone when they fall. It can curl around the edges, becomes a tripping hazard and is often undesirable to sit on.

The right rug is what people are always after, the right rug pad, however, means more because without it, the perfect rug will deteriorate.

The Benefits of having a Rug Pad


rug protection–Buying a rug pad is a buying protection for your floor. An area rug experiences a lot. It takes n a lot of stress and pressure, not letting the rug rub between the floor and the hard pressure applied on it. It cushions the rug, gives it a soft place to rest on and lets the fibres of the rug spring back to their original position once stepped on.

Elongate Rug’s Life

–Using a rug pad can keep the rug safe for years. It can add a long time to the previously small lifespan of the rug because it keeps it so safe. Whenever a rug is walked on it crushes the fibres on the face of the rug, causing it to dent and wrinkle. The rug pad reacts to the pressure by gently pushing the rug back up and letting the fibres go back into position easily. It causes no discomfort to the rug and keeps it from being pressed down between the floor and pressure point.

safer floorSafer Floor

–Smaller and lighter rugs often have a tendency to slip and skid on floor, especially marble flooring. A non slip rug will prevent slipping on the floor and keep the rug in place when walked on. Keeping the pad underneath will also made it a softer place to step on or sit on since the pad will stay like a pillow between the floor and rug itself.


–Durahold rug pads are made thicker and softer than other which means that they not only give comfort but also insulation to the rug. They have thermal qualities that help keep the rug insulated and warm, therefore comfortable to sit on.


–When a Durahold rug pad is made, it provides the user with an airflow that makes it easier to clean. The vacuum will take up more dust and dirt from the floor because of the rug pad, keeping the rug cleaner than before. Of course, this causes the rug to last longer at the end of the day.

rugpadsThe benefits of buying a rug pad are ample; all one need to do is see what happens when a rug is placed on a cold floor with no insulation or protection. The rug will get destroyed, it will fade away and often break due to being wrinkled and bunched up in the corner after slipping. Buying the perfect rug pad for the perfect rug means more care for the rug and a long lasting floor piece for the home of every buyer.


Features Of Rug Pads

features of rugpadFloor rugs and carpets are essential in light of the fact that they add to the overall feel of the house and give comfort. There are numerous components to be remembered when picking an indoor or open air area carpet with their accurately sized rug pads. They need to serve the obliged capacity without bringing any harm to the surroundings. Rug pads have several features that make them a good option to consider and install in your homes. From providing an overall comfort to walking on the carpets, it provides protection in case of a fall; it protects the rug and the floor. It also ensures that your home is kept warm; it disallows liquid penetration and other similar advantages.

Following are a couple of features that that add to a decent rug pad for your homes:

The Sorts Of Floor Covering Mats

The material of the floor covering mats must be suitable for the purpose it is required for. They can be non-engineered to guarantee the insurance and care of the mat. To increase most extreme comfort the better choice is to strive for crude materials and not the engineered ones. These incorporate elastic, jute, bamboo and so forth.

Free Of Glues

carpet padsIn the event that a mat has been manufactured industrially or commercially then, it implies, it has a sort of adhesive on it. These glues and adhesives make the mat strongly stick to the floor. This specific sticking activity leaves marks and scratches on the floor, which furthermore harms the carpet repressing its utilization later on. A mat must be unpolished and natural, free from all such materials.

Comfort, Ease And Protection

The major reason of introducing a mat in any place of the house is to add solace and ease in walking around. A decent rug pad is thick enough that it pads the area it is covering permitting the utilization of that specific region agreeable and simple. It pads the blow if a kid falls and it helps the elderly walk easily without breaking a sweat.

Exactness of size and shape

rugpadAt the point when purchasing a carpet it is essential that the mat is purchased with it. The purpose behind this is the exactness of the shape and size. Regularly when individuals purchase the rug or carpet first and the padding later the size and shape don’t match. Subsequently the mat is either too small making the rug look flimsy or poor or it is too large making the rug lose its beauty. To stay away from both of these two stylish imperfections one can simply purchase the two together with the proper and accurate estimations. This way you will get the comfort and the aesthetic appeal you wanted.

Assorted qualities in style, hues and surfaces

There is an entire range of floor covering mats accessible. One can simply browse through them based on by the shading blends and composition of the room they need to place it in. As a result the rug pad isn’t only there for insurance however it includes class and a tasteful appeal to the room. It finishes the wholesomeness of the room and guarantees the solace needed.

Non-slip activity

rugpadsThis is extremely crucial requirement in a house especially one with youngsters and the elderly. Rug pads are not dangerous because of their non-slip action. For this very reason they are frequently used in places like the bathrooms, by the pool, at the entryway, in the kitchen and comparative spots. They ensure that a slippery floor is secured ensuring no harm comes to you as you walk on it.


Custom Made Rug Pads

custom padsCustom made rug pads are the correct solution for all consumers, that buy this product. It has to be slightly smaller than the rug itself because it should not poke out from the edges and big enough to keep it from slipping. Rug pads elongate the life of your carpets as well as save them from damage, so why not buy one that fits your needs?

Durahold rug pads are custom made to your specific designs. The length and width, the thickness is all made to your instruction with a few easy steps. All you have to do is give the specifics and the rest will be done for you.Cut and fashioned to the specifications that you need, when you have been given your rug pad, it should be placed in the centre of your rug, not peeking out from the edges.Making the rug pad smaller than the rug is vital because it will keep a firm hold on the rug and the floor. It will not slip and it will not prove to be a nuisance.

What You Have to Do:

Find out the rug pad size you want – This is easily done since you are offered a wide range of rug pads that vary in thickness and size. Measure your Rug – To make your rug pad, the length and width of the rug itself will be needed. With a tape, measure it and exclude any binding or tassels that are part of the carpet. Give the specifics of your chosen rug – Once measured; give the measurements in either inches or feet, whichever is easier for you. Remember to write about any tassels or fringes the carpet might have. Order – Order your custom made rug pad and consider your job done.

Why Your Worries Are Over:

custom rugpadsOnce you have given the order, the company makes sure you get exactly what you need. Custom made rug pads are usually cut up half an inch or one inch smaller than the rug to keep it from slipping off the pad. But with different options given to you, you can also control the length cut off before shipping it to you. The thickness will also depend upon your specifications. What type of rug pad you want and how durable it will be against heavy furniture is all. It will be tailored to your needs and design. The manufacturers will cut it up and have it sent out the moment it is finished.

To have a custom made rug pad is an easy solution provided to you. Not only will the material and product be built for your needs, it will also be of a quality that you trust. No matter what happens the waterproof, mildew resistant and moth free rug pad will last for a very long time. It will keep your carpets from slipping and your floors protected. To have the perfect rug pad, you need to have the perfect company offering to make that.

How To Clean Rug Pads

rugpadsRug pads increase the overall luxury of a person’s living by adding comfort and warmth to their homes. They provide an insulating layer during the winters, cushion blows in case of a fall and resist pressure maintaining the newness of a hardwood floor. If you want to continue utilizing these benefits provided by rug pads, you should be mindful of its cleaning and washing as well. Rug pads often do not require thorough washing for the initial years. Even when they do require washing it is not in the traditional sense. This means they are not to be hosed with water at a high pressure. They are solid and airy enough to be cleaned thoroughly through simple steps.

Therefore, when it comes to the maintenance and cleaning of rug pads, it is not in the conventional sense. It is divided into two categories; dry cleaning and wet cleaning. The mode of cleaning you choose depends on the kind of particles you want to rid your rug pads of. Regardless, neither should be ignored in light of the other. Dry and wet damage to the rug pad should be immediately taken care of. The instant response to settled dust or a liquid spill minimizes larger consequences in the future. It also increases the life span of your rug pads, carpets and hardwood floors.

Dry Cleaning

dry cleaningIf your rug pads have gone dusty overtime then they may require thorough vacuuming. If ignored, the dust might settle on the floor resulting in its decolourization. The thorough way to do this is to remove the rug pad from the carpet and take them both outside. Place them upside down and begin vacuuming them. Once you have vacuumed them long enough, flip them and repeat the process. Once you have done the above mentioned steps, vacuum the hardwood floor properly. Once completed, reposition your rug pad and carpet in the house and vacuum it again. This will ensure that no dust particle is present on the floor, on the rug pad or on the carpet. If you do not clean the floor before placing the rug pad on it again, it may leave scratches or similar damage to it. Cleaning everything thoroughly guarantees the maintenance of the carpet and the floor for a longer time.

Wet Cleaning

wet cleaningIn cases of a liquid spill it is quite simple to clean the rug pads. Felt rug pads are made of such a material that it hinders the water penetration to the floor. They keep the water on the surface allowing it to be cleaned with a sponge or dry towel, immediately. The dry towel or sponge immediately sucks the water leaving behind a dry rug pad and an unaffected hardwood floor. If you are not content with dry cleaning the rug pad and floor, you can dismantle the arrangement and clean the area with a wet towel. This might help in sustaining the shine and newness of the floor and remove all dust particles from within the layers.

If you feel like your rug pad has gotten too coarse and no longer provides the comfort it used to, do not wash it. Washing the rug pad might make it too flimsy and useless for your floor. It is best to consider replacing the rug pad instead of washing it and reusing it. The above mentioned precautions and steps will continue to provide you with the warmth and comfort for a long period of time. It will maintain the ostentatious appeal of your silk rugs and shiny hardwood floors over an extended time.

Different Types Of Rug Pads

rugpadsRug pads are primarily used to provide enhanced comfort for your carpets and rugs. In addition they also provide an extra layer extra protection for floors. Rug pads come in various forms and types, and homeowners are advised to buy the right kind of rug pad, which is crucial to maintain the stability of the floor. There are many brands of rug pads available in the market and should be considered according to one’s specific home requirements. Rug pads are most frequently treated with plastic additives.Other types of rug pads are made with rubber. The plastic variations include polymers, PVC and synthetic rug pads, while the rubber varieties include natural and artificial rubber. Homeowners are recommended to buy natural rug pads as some of the synthetic varieties may damage the floor or the carpet.

rugpadsFibre Rug Pads

Fibre rug pads are increasingly becoming popular with homeowners, since they have a longer lifespan than rubber pads and are completely free of any odour. Since they are denser than other types of rug pads, they provide a stronger brand of protection for your home. However, being comparatively larger in size, they are only recommended for use with large rugs and carpets.

rubberrugpadsNatural Rubber Rug Pads

The natural rubber rug, unlike the plastic rug pad, is far more biodegradable and eco-friendly, thereby increasing its appeal for use in homes. It can be used with almost every kind of floor, which is one of the reasons for its growing popularity. Natural rubber has a longer lifespan and is safe to use on almost every floor surface and factory finishing.

pvcrugpadsPVC Rug Pads

The plastic or poly-vinyl chloride (PVC) rug pads still have a lot of appeal, particularly for use on hardwood or floors that are not yet fully developed. There are many varieties of PVC available in the market that vary in cost and quality. Cheaper plastic rug pads are generally of low quality and likely to cause inconvenience than provide any real protection. Poly-vinyl chloride rug pads are more likely to work on high end floors than other floors or finishings. A troublesome issue with plastic rug pads is that since they are made from factory chemicals, these chemicals can seep to the floor and cause it to mar or discolour. This anomaly can be easily resolved by using natural rubber rug pads which do not pose a risk for any floor type.

High Quality Rug Pads

Quality is one issue that needs to be addressed before you decide to buy rug pads for your carpets. Low quality rug pads tend to cause a lot of damage, thereby killing the basic idea of providing comfort and support. Low quality plastics, for instance, tend to interact with chemicals, retain moisture and thus cause discolouration of the floor. High quality plastics have some unique characteristics and can perform optimal functions on certain surfaces like superior, high-end floors. Rubber pads too, come in various forms and qualities. High quality rubber pads, like the premium rug pad, strongly grip the floor providing better comfort, security and protection. Low quality rubber, like plastics,pose problems such as not providing a mom-slip grip. Carpets keeps rolling around the floor and get damaged easily as a result.

Rug Pads For Different Floors

different floorsIn addition to quality, the type of floor surface also plays a significant role when you are selecting a rug pad. High end floors are better suited to PVC plastics, whereas for uniform normal floors, rubbers rug pads will be more adequate not only because they are more environmentally friendly, but also because they do not contain any damaging adhesives or chemicals, and thus do not pose possible danger to floors like certain plastics rug pads do. Natural rubber rug pads can be conveniently used in any environment, including in hot and humid conditions. They perform at their optimum capacity under all weather conditions and do not give off odor even when damp.

Hence rubber pads serve a useful purpose in homes by not only protecting the floors, but also providing additional support and stability. They provide enhanced assistance and comfort, but the level of quality and price must be considered before making a final decision, as previously mentioned.

There are many kinds of rug pads available that all provide different sets of benefits for different types of carpets and flooring. So when you are in the market looking for a rug pad, be sure to select one that will be compatible with your individual carpet and floor type. Being multipurpose and adaptable, rug pads are becoming more and more popular with homeowners, who see them as essential accessories for homes. Many home experts recommend buying rug pads for your home as they will ensure a prolonged lifespan and added protection, security and comfort for your floor and carpet. It is best to buy a high quality rug pad that will serve your needs for a longer time, instead of cheaper rug pads that may deteriorate and wear out quickly.

Best Rug Pads for Hardwood Floors

hardwood floorThe best rug pads for hardwood floors are the ones with supreme grip and a softness that does not damage the floors once it has been set on. Buying a rug and placing it on the floor without protection will cause the rug to leave marks on the floor because of friction. Constantly moving on the floor, turning around and being put back again, makes the rough fibres of the underside of a rug scratch the surface of the floor. This not only damages the polish, it also leaves a mark that is impossible to take out from under the rug. The floor will be damaged and the fine fibres on the rug will also suffer and break from the constant moving about.

For hardwood floors, since they are expensive and delicate to have, the best rug pads have to be used. These will keep the floors from discolouring provide insulation and protection to both the rug and the floor surface.

Types of Rug pads for hardwood floors:

rugpad on hardwood floorThe rug pad made for hardwood flooring is different than those used for others. The ones for concrete flooring, for example are harder and coarser and if placed on the hardwood floor, they will end up damaging the floor. To know what kind and material is best for a hardwood floor, it is important to know the materials themselves.

Rubber Rug pad – a long lasting, rubber rug pad is made from 100% rubber and is safe for all sorts of finishes for the hardwood floor. It will not tear and can take a lot of weight and bounce back. Thus, it does not lose its shape and is easy to cut and trim into any shape the buyer would like. Compatible with hardwood floors, laminate floors and marble flooring, this rug pad can last up to twenty odd years if cleaned and cared for properly.

felt and rubberFelt and Rubber mix pad – this low profile design is perfect for Oriental rugs and hardwood floors. It gives the relatively thinner rugs a slightly plush cushion to sit on. The rubber backed support will provide a good grip on the hardwood floor without causing a slipping hazard. It anchors the rug into place and doesn’t rub on the floor, which keeps it safe from wearing and losing its polish. The felt surface prevents slipping and the rubber back gives optimum grip and support to the rug.

Eco – Safe Rug pad – ideal for humid climates and hardwood flooring, the Eco– Safe rug pads provides the user with a stubborn grip on slimmer, lighter rugs that refuse to stay in one place. Made from soybean oil rather than petroleum oils, this Durahold rug pad has the best hold on rugs. It keeps the rugs completely on place, not letting anything skid them aside or push them on the floors so they are prone to damage.

foam rugpadLasting for over twenty years, these rug pads need little cleaning or care because they are so durable and safe. Foam rug pads – thicker than regular rug pads, these are perfect for cushioning the floor from the rug and keep the rug from giving under the pressure of a footstep or furniture. It also provides a soundproof atmosphere where heels and boots click on the hardwood floor. Hardwood floors are beautiful but require high maintenance. They have a polished surface and a higher risk of damage when the rug scratches the surface. It will discolour faster or take the stains of a rug if the colour seeps to it. Keeping a rug pad keeps the floor shiny and beautiful, keeps it free from damage and provides over all comfort to the room